What Color Furniture Goes With Grey Flooring

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What Color Furniture Goes With Grey Flooring

So you just moved into your apartment with grey flooring and are you wondering what color furniture would best fit?

Not to worry. Grey is a neutral and versatile color that is easy to match with almost any color of furniture to it.

More so, the color grey gives off a calm, neutral and elegant feel. Hence, pairing it with furniture of colors like white, brown, oak, blue, beige, etc, is a great idea. In more ways than one, grey flooring can go with almost any color of the furniture, depending on your taste and choice of design.

Here’s some color furniture that goes well with grey flooring:


The concept of grey furniture on grey-colored flooring is still very much in fashion. If you’d rather opt for a monochromatic style, pairing a set of grey furniture on grey tiles, laminate, wooden, or vinyl floor is an excellent choice.

The use of grey and some of its dashing undertones could help create a better look. It’s also possible to add in a few shades of neutral-colored furniture like white or brown while incorporating extensive use of grey.

2. White

One of the most attractive and unique features of the color white is that it can blend with any color of the furniture, including white itself. Grey and white have been known to create a soothing and vibrant contrast in any room.

The use of white furniture, coupled with a white area rug on grey flooring could do wonders in that home or office. Infusing a white set of couches, and other ornaments which could be of other mild and neutral colors like brown, mint green, or a splash of gold would be great.

3. Black

The good thing about incorporating black furniture on grey flooring is that it’s a nice option if you choose to adopt a minimalist style, even in the bedroom or with dark oak kitchen cabinets and countertops as well.

Black creates a sharp yet elegant contrast to grey flooring and provides a range of undertones like brown or beige. This is all still dependent on your taste and style.

4. Brown

An addition of a touch of brown, walnut, or oak-colored furniture on a grey laminate or tiled floor is very unique and creates a homely and traditional feel.

Using brown or oak-colored couches, settees, shelves, and/or cabinets, leaves the room or kitchen a neutral, elegant, and serene look.

Final Thoughts

Other colors of furniture you can also incorporate while using grey flooring include red, blue, lavender, or pale blue. These colors can be used alongside grey floors and will blend nicely.

As long as it’s based on your preference and taste, the grey color can blend with almost any color of furniture you may choose to use.

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