What Color Flooring Goes With Oak Cabinets And What Color Vinyl Plank Flooring With Oak

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What Color Flooring Goes With Oak Cabinets And What Color Vinyl Plank Flooring With Oak

It’s a known fact that the use of oak cabinets in homes gives them a unique and classic feel. What’s more, is that the versatility in its color gives room for the use of different color flooring. Oak cabinets come in various shades, ranging from red, dark, honey, and white shades amongst others.

Now solely depending on your taste and preference, oak cabinets can go with some basic color flooring such as grey, white, blue, beige, brown, red, and even black.

In this guide, we’ll help suggest some color flooring that goes well with oak cabinets and what color vinyl plank flooring goes with oak.

Light-colored Flooring

Light color textures blend well with oak cabinets, be it dark, white, grey, etc. The color white falls into this category. The addition of a white contrast from the floor leaves the area around the cabinet, usually, the kitchen, feeling warmer, spacious, and airy.

Moreso, the use of white oaks on white floors is also a great idea as white oaks are more durable, stronger, and neutral.

Dark-colored Flooring

Colors that fall into this category are usually dark colors like black. They could also include other colors that aren’t black or white such as

  • Grey
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Green; and others.

The choice of color as earlier stated is dependent on your preference. Dark-colored floors produce a rich contrast to white, dark, and red oak cabinets.

Pale And Pastel Coloured Flooring

Other colors that also create a unique contrast and feel to oak cabinets are pastel or pale colors. Some of these include mint green, lavender, peach, pale yellow, etc. These colors give room for a rich aesthetic and a creative touch in the kitchen as well.

Color Vinyl Plank Flooring with Oak

Vinyl plank flooring is an excellent flooring material used in the different sections of a home or any building. Since vinyl plank flooring is a striking reflection of wood, it creates a warm, rich and traditional feel in any setting.

Oak is wood and it comes in different shades of colors, most of which are known to be dark or medium-dark. Hence, opting for a monochromatic feel and using the same color of oak and vinyl plank flooring is a great option.

Vinyl plank flooring also comes in light colors and goes with white and dark oak as well. Moreover, using gray, red, beige, brown, or blue-toned vinyl planks also blend with any hue of oak.

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