How to remove buildup on laminate floors 

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Laminates are the floors with multiple layers (a layer placed upon another), primarily examined in houses and office spaces to beautify the place. But when laminate gets buildup, they start looking unpleasant to the eyes.  

Build-up is defined as accumulating a specific thing over the laminated floors. It is provoking to the human eye and is inevitable to clean with a quality product. Besides, dullness can also be visualized when a certain space of laminate floors is used for many years.

How to remove buildup on laminate floors 

Now you might wonder how much time and under what weather conditions can such laminate floors withstand build-ups and dullness and most importantly, how to remove buildup on laminate floors.

Am I right? Let us discuss this.  

According to research, a newly developed laminate flooring resists build-ups and dullness for a maximum of 12 years. Previously, the floorings could not withstand such problems, but due to increased technological inclusion, the quality of today’s laminate flooring is significantly better than the former. 

Anyways, the laminate floorings of the modern world are generally categorized into two – water-resistant and sunlight resistant. It means that there are different varieties of laminate floorings available in the market, and each will act according to its property.  

So, It is more than important to take a few actions accordingly, to remove buildup and residue on floors. 

How to remove buildup on laminate floors

Who does not want their house to look neat and clean, to the extent that everyone starts admiring it? Everyone. As far as laminate floors are concerned, there exists an array of products and ways on the planet to remove build-ups.

A lot of you may be thinking of Alcohol as the first choice. Alcohol is effective in the cleansing process, but in the case of the dullness of laminate floors, alcohol should NOT be used alone, as it worsens the texture and ruins it.

So, what’s next?

I have gathered six steps for deep cleansing of the laminate floors following the research.

Step 1: Vacuum thoroughly

Vacuuming (or at least dust cleaning your laminate floors) every day is the key step towards having buildup-free flooring and a perfect way to remove dull film from laminate flooring. If you’re confused about what to use! then as I concluded, V10 lightweight vacuum cleanerDirt devil 3-in-1 corded bagless vacuum cleaner and JASHEN V16E are the most selected to vacuum on laminates. The price of these ranges from $50-$500.

Step 2: Scraping 

Scraping is the process of removing particles from the floor. In the case of a wax, you must soften it first so that scraping becomes more accessible and is done efficiently, saving your time ultimately.

P.S: It is recommended to scrape the with the plastic scraper as it will not scratch the flooring (unlike blade and knife).  

Step 3: Using best cleaner  

buildup layer on flooring

After being done with the above two steps, you need a high-quality cleaner now. And here you should be wise in selecting streak free cleaner that best supports your laminate flooring. My top three favorite brands are RejuvenateBona, and Bruce. These are known for deep cleansing and have shown positive results over the period and are available in different sizes and flavors.

If you’re skeptical about the brand and want a home-based solution to this, then water, vinegar powder, and rubbing alcohol would be my best bet.

Step 4: Spray and mop gently

Now it’s time to mop and spray – Spraying small amounts of the cleaner to the affected areas while using the best mop for laminate flooring should be carried out.

It is recommended to use flat microfiber mops as they harmoniously clean the surfaces without causing any damage or making them wet.

P.S: I personally prefer 18″ professional microfiber flat mop.

Step 6: Buffing  

The last stage is to let the floor dry for at least half an hour. You would see patches after dryness. It could be gently buffed off with a microfibre cloth. You have to ensure that the cloth is neat and clean to examine positive results.

What causes build-ups

As you’ve learned steps on how to remove buildup on laminate floors, let’s discuss its few causes so that you can start caring about them.

Suppose you are an owner of a beauty salon, and you operate the business at home. The laminate flooring is present as part of a decorative item. You are applying wax to a client, and particles of the item fell without notice. After this, you forget about this and instead shift your mind over different things. That means the wax on the flooring is unattended. This creates build-ups. Apart from this, the guest’s child might stick chewing gum on the floor without your notice, and this creates build-ups too.  

wax buildup on laminate floors

The accumulation of things at a much faster level than attending to the problem creates build-ups. If that’s the case, how would the owner feel about this? Well, to be very honest, an owner might realize his mistake of not taking care of the flooring. Now that a problem has arisen, he might feel deeply saddened and perhaps think of a replacement, costing pennies. This replacement would be because it wouldn’t be alluring to guests’ eyes and would ultimately feel ashamed.  

See how this small build-up creates uncertainties with time and directly affects you! Even a small part being damaged will require a new coating.

What can be examples of other mistakes for build-ups? 

The first and foremost aspect to consider is the manufacturer of the laminates. If you’re skeptical about the producer regarding the cost and quality, you can consult specialists. It is advisable to select a high-quality product because it does not provide many problems and always pays off in the long run. The quality is worth the cost.  

The second thing to consider is placement. Placing lamination under weather conditions unfavorable to the lamination properties creates build-ups and dullness much more quickly. To resolve this, you must first research the lamination characteristics and plan accordingly. As a substitute, you can have a conversation with manufacturers directly to have a better insight into the product. 

The third one to hit the list is the floor quality. If high-quality ingredients are used to build floors, it is a positive sign for you. Buildings developed over thirty to forty years ago might lose their quality due to wear and tear and affect the plain and the textured layer. 


That brings us to the end of the guide on how to remove buildup on laminate floors. Just as we care for and spend on ourselves, we should also clean our living area. I hope you will visualize a better outcome after applying the above steps. If even then you have a query, hit the comment below!

 Alex J
Alex J

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