How to make hardwood floor less slippery

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How to make hardwood floor less slippery

Though hardwood might not be considered naturally slippery when they are wet, oily, or dirty, there could be accidental slippage when you run on them carelessly. There are, however, some methods that could make hardwood floors less slippery. Check out this article for more information.

Methods of making hardwood less slippery

Here are some methods of making hardwood floors less slippery.

Keep the floor clean

The presence of different forms of dirt on the hardwood floor increases the chance of being slippery. Dirt build-up will occur after several days of failing to clean the floor. The best and most natural way to keep the hardwood floor less slippery is to clean it always and also ensure that it is dry. To avoid piling up the dirt, it is strongly recommended that you clean any form of dirt on it immediately.

One effective way of getting rid of dirt on the floor surface is by mopping the floor with a vinegar solution. However, to avoid excess moisture, make sure the mop has drained water before you apply it on the floor surface.

Coat the surface

There are several anti-slip coating products in the market. Just buy any of the products specially made for wood floors and apply them to your hardwood floor. You should follow the instructions of the application on each material.

As a general rule, the product should be applied twice and you should allow about 10 hours intervals between each application. A quality anti-slip coating product should not affect the aesthetics of your hardwood floor. However, for you to test the effectiveness of the product, you should try it on a little portion of the floor.

Be mindful of the footwear

Irrespective of how clean the hardwood floor surfaces are, the type of shoe you wear could also determine if you will slip or not. If possible, you should avoid hard-heeled shoes. It is recommended that you try rubber-soled shoes.

Moreover, you should ensure to encourage your visitors and the rest of the family to enter your home with clean shoes. One of the ways you can do this is by placing a doormat at the entrance of your home, both inside and outside. If possible, you should encourage them not to wear shoes in your home.


The best cleaning solutions for hardwood floors are the ones designed for them. You could complicate the issue when you use the wrong one. You can hire professionals if you have an issue cleaning the floor perfectly.

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