Best Homemade Cleaner For Laminate Floors: DIY Recipes

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Laminate owners tend to spend lots of time and money finding the best floor cleaners. But sadly, the majority of them end up purchasing an abrasive one that ruins the surface and leaves a sticky residue, attracting more dust and debris.

But even if you’ve found the no-rinse laminate formula that’s helping you to fight against a spectrum of messes, still! It’s better to get the know-how of some groundbreaking homemade cleaner for laminate floors that I’m sure will help you maintain the former glory.

diy cleaning recipes for laminate flooring

I sifted through tons of guides, and I’m strictly against those unreliable DIY recipes that do nothing (except cause moisture and damage) but require expensive ingredients too.

Punchline: I never underestimate the use of branded cleaners; on the contrary, you should not always be thinking to have a glossy mop, professional cleaner, dust pads, and a microfiber cloth for buffing the surface after you’re done – honestly, there can be a simple yet effective way that will help to reduce procrastination and make your eco-friendly cleaning routine

Whether it’s an organic mess, pet odor, dirt layer, or tough stain, this homemade cleaner for laminate floors works like a charm, and you can easily make your own with just general ingredients.

The 3-ingredients wow formula

How to clean laminate flooring naturally?

You have thought that those expensive branded spray laminate cleaners are the only way to break down messes and keep the shine! But it’s not the case.

For me, this 3-ingredient formula (aka Vinegar cleaning solution) is the best move toward a natural and straightforward cleaning. And you can also try this!

What you need is

  1. White vinegar
  2. Rubbing alcohol
  3. Essential oils 

Oh yes! & obviously, Water.

Due to its acidic nature, vinegar on laminate floors can harmoniously fight against stubborn messes, furthermore, you can disinfect floors with vinegar. Rubbing alcohol will fade away within a while but work as the best sanitizer; in addition, it speeds up the process of evaporation (as your laminate floor hates water). Lastly, we have essential oils that are essential to vanish the awful smell of vinegar. But as I experienced, the scent doesn’t stay for long as the shine lasts for weeks, but still, it’s better to put a few drops of lemon, mint, or rose (etc.) to overcome any odor.

For your convenience, I haven’t included dish soap here in the recipe. Though many gurus recommend it, but one of the major pitfalls is its contribution to the residue.

Recipe for 32 ounces – Homemade cleaner for laminate floors

recipe for laminate floor cleaners
  • Take 10 ounces of boiled and cooled water (Or use distilled water) – both are best to keep your homemade laminate cleaner fresh for longer than a week.
  • Add 10 ounces white vinegar and 8-10 ounces rubbing alcohol.
  • Lastly, put 6 drops of essential oils – orange, mint, lemon, or whatever aroma you love. (I prefer 3 drops of orange and 3 of lavender).

And your DIY streak-free floor cleaner is ready to use. Store this in a bottle/gallon and pour enough solution in a spray bottle whenever you clean.

P.S: You can adjust this recipe for the required volume of solution.

Essentials for this recipe

 White Vinegar
 Rubbing Alcohol
 Essential Oils
 Glass Spray Bottle


  • This cleaner is not for hardwood floors. Because both essential oils and alcohol are a no-no for such floorings.
  • Store it in a glass bottle because essential oils can degrade the plastic. However, it’s not a problem to store in a plastic bottle for a short time, i.e., you can use a plastic spray bottle while mopping.
  • Sweep or vacuum first to ensure that you’re not just pushing the dirt around.
  • Only Spray the necessary amount of solution directly on the surface and wipe it using a microfiber mop (highly recommended for laminate surfaces ).
    📍 CheckBest microfiber mops for laminates 
  • Make sure there will be no excess water left as it notoriously causes moisture damage.

Best DIY pet messes and stain remover 

It’s better to clean the pet mess as soon as possible. For this, wipe up the surface and use a vinegar solution. 

But for older stains, wipe out the area first with a damp cloth and let it dry. Sprinkle the baking soda, let it sit, and spray the vinegar cleaner on the baking soda. Wiped the surface with a dry cloth, again spray vinegar to activate the remaining powder, and clean it with a lightly damped cloth.

But! How to disinfect floors?

I’m talking about killing the germs caused by your pet.

Well, don’t worry, because both vinegar and alcohol have disinfectant properties to get done this job for you.

DIY tip to stop mold growth

Mold growth on laminate or hardwood floors is the product of moisture on the surface. Thankfully, there is nothing complicated in it. Stick with the perfect laminate cleaning routine and there will be no mold left. 

Prevention of water spills is the best practice that you can do. Furthermore, vinegar and alcohol have antimicrobial properties plus, alcohol helps in the evaporation process, making the floor dry within a few seconds. Similarly, essential oils have antifungal properties as well.

So yeah, use the same DIY vinegar solution on your laminate with a damp mop.

Kicking off hard to go stains from laminate floors

Dealing with tough stains is not a big deal if you know a few easy peasy hacks. Next time before splurging on professional stain removers, I would highly suggest trying these recommended methods by BHG.

  • For candle wax and chewing gum, you can scrape it off with a plastic knife. But let the wax harden first.
  • Remove grease with mineral spirit.
  • You can quickly get rid of ink, red wine, shoes, or nail polish with rubbing alcohol.

DIY recipe to fade up scratches from your laminate

Are you looking for how to clean scratch in laminate flooring?

There are different methods to consider before reaching out to the gurus.

For minor scratches, you can try melted crayon or pencil wax (make sure the color matches the floorboard). Clean and sweep the area first and then gently rub the scratched area with the tip of the pencil – this will gradually fill up all the scratches. Clean the excess wax and buff that space.

In case if you will use crayons, split them into tiny pieces, and melt them in the microwave. After it has cooled a little, rub the crayon paste on the streak, then clean and buff that area.

DIY tip for scuff marks on laminate flooring

For minor scuff marks, you can use the same vinegar-alcohol solution. But for deep scuff (i.e., caused by contraction of heavy furniture with the surface), you should try the mixture of hot water and two tablespoons of baking soda. Pour it over the scuff, gently rub and wipe it clean with a cloth.

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Kick it up a notch

Life can be much easier with simple cleaning hacks.

Thankfully, the 3-ingredients DIY cleaner for laminate is the most effective solution to get the results without breaking the bank. And I’m sure your grandma would be proud of (if she is alive).

Sadly, we all naturally gravitate toward the most accessible option that requires the least effort (I mean here, branded cleaners), but your laminate and the planet are longing to be free from daily chemical use. 

So what’s stopping you to try these best homemade laminate cleaners! – Best of luck 

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