Hardwood Floor Filler

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Hardwood Floor Filler

Hardwood floor fillers are a quick fix for issues with floorboards. If you have a wooden floor, dents, cracks, and gaps are a normal occurrence. While these impair the aesthetics of your floor, there is little that can be done to prevent it. When these happen and the need for repairs arises, you could try using a hardwood floor filler.

What is a hardwood floor filler

Just as its name suggests, hardwood floor fillers are products used to fill gaps, cracks, or holes in the wood. Notwithstanding, you have to be sure of the extent of the problem before deciding whether to get a professional or use a hardwood floor filler.

These fillers are made of wood materials, binders, and solutions. There are different types of fillers for different types of wood. Different fillers have different application methods but many can be painted on to remove any sign of defect from your furniture.

How much does hardwood floor filler cost

Most fillers cost between $0.5 and $50. You can apply a hardwood floor filler by yourself so this does not cover labor costs. This price could vary depending on the size of the filler you are getting.

How to choose hardwood fillers

There are different types of floor fillers in the market described based on their composition. These range from latex compounds to epoxy two parts fillers. Whichever you choose would depend on the type of wool, the floor, and how good you are at applying it. These include;

Latex Floor fillers

The most popular option for hardwood floor fillers is latex floor fillers. These are made of a mixture of several natural materials such as clay, wood fiber, water, and a natural binder. They are easy to and are a more sustainable option. You could mix different colors with your latex floor filler to get one close to your wood.

Lacquer-based wood fillers

These types of fillers have fine wood dust mixed in a lacquer-based solvent. Often these are premixed and may require just stirring before application. One advantage of this type of filler is that they are fast drying; however, it is accompanied by strong fumes while working it.

Epoxy Floor fillers

Epoxy fillers come in a two-part mix that can be used to fill in dents or holes, especially those caused by wood knots. Some come ready to use so you just mix and apply directly. Epoxy fillers usually take less than 20 minutes to dry. Paints or colors are usually added while mixing to match the color of the wood.

Wood putty

Wood putty is another common choice for filling gaps in hardwood floors. This is made from calcium carbonate, oil,s, and a colorant. They are used in the same way as other fillers to fill holes or cracks in the wood. This dries more slowly than other options and works best if you are still considering a finishing for the floor.

How to use a hardwood filler

Applying a hardwood floor filler is not that difficult.

  • Clean the surface. Dirt and dust can impede perfect binding or filling of cracks.
  • Mix the filler thoroughly. If you want to color the filler, try adding the color at this stage.
  • Apply the filler to the wood using your finger or a putty knife.
  • Allow the filler to dry. Drying period can take different times depending on the type of filler you have chosen.
  • Once it is dry, sand it for a smooth and even look.
  • If it needs a second layer, do not hesitate to include it
  • For finishing, you could add a layer of varnish

Try working with different colors for an appealing look. You could combine a color tone of the wood with a lighter or darker one. However, ensure that the fillers match the color of the wood or the space they are filling. You do not want them standing out like a sore thumb


How do you fill gaps in hardwood floors

There are several ways to fill gaps in a hardwood floor. You could use ropes, putty or wood dust to fill in the cracks or spaces between the floorboards. Using hardwood filler is another easy way to fill gaps in hardwood floors.

Why do hardwood floor separate

In dry weather conditions, hardwood floors lose moisture to the atmosphere causing it to dry and shrink in size. With a reduction in size, they crack or become separated from each other. This is especially worse in winter months where the air is dry due to the heating systems in the building.

Does wood filler work on hardwood floor

Yes, a wood filler can be used to fix cracks and gaps in hardwood floors. Most wood fillers can fill different types of gaps on wood floors including those that run along the edges.

Should I fill gaps in hardwood floors

Depends on what causes the gap in your wood floor. For gaps caused by the change in weather conditions, filling with a wood filler might not be appropriate. This is because as the weather gets moist, the woods would expand again pushing out the fillers. Also, filling gaps might not be a solution to damaged wood floors.

Check out these hardwood floor fillers

Gorilla All Purpose Wood Filler

This wood filler works to fix all cracks, gouges and holes in wooden floors. It is paintable and water resistant so you do not have to worry about an off look. It can also hold up screws and nails perfectly. It comes in a 16 ounce tub that can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Minwax 42853000 Stainable Wood Filler

This is a durable wood filler ideal for fixing cracks, gouges, nail holes, and other blemishes in the wood. It is stainable and paintable making it excellent for both outdoor and indoor uses. A big perk of this filler is that it can be used for both oil and water based stains. It sands easily and is fast drying.

Woodwise Red Oak Wood Patch Filler

This wood filler comes pre mixed and ready to use. It bonds tightly with hardwood filling all the cracks, gaps and dents on the wood. It is highly rated for its ease of use and its ease of cleaning. It dries easily and sands well for a smooth finish.

Morrells Two-Part Coloured Wood Filler

Morrells is a professional grade 2-component wood filler for any hard wood. It is workable and resilient to weather making it perfect for both exterior and interior uses. With a drying time of just 15 minutes, it can easily be worked and sanded. It comes in two sizes and different wood shades to suit your needs.

Dark Gray Wood Filler Soudal Parquet Timber Laminate Hardwood Floor Sealant

Perfect for filling dark shades of woods. Whether your need is to fill joints or cracks in wooden floors, you would find this filler effect. It can be sanded, painted and varnished for a clean finish. You do not have to worry about a pungent chemical odor with this filler.


Hardwood floor filler is a quick fix for cracks, holes and gaps in your wooden floor. Before using any, confirm the cause and extent of damage.

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