Best Dust Mop For Laminate Floors – 7 Picks For 2022

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Indeed, laminate is the most durable, easy, and cost-effective flooring option that won’t let you down in the weeds with dullness and damage.

But same as other floors, laminates require regular maintenance to protect them from dust and debris, which build up a layer on the surface with the passage of time, thus making your shiny floor look dull.

Traditional brooms are big no, and vacuums often scratch because of abrasive tool attachments. For that reason, it is best and easy to use a dust mop as they harmoniously kick out dirt, allergens, pet hairs, and tiny particles.

Fortunately, there are many options available in the market, but unfortunately, buyers often make wrong decisions and end up selecting the worst one.

To differentiate the best dust mop for laminate floors, experts have tested and tried 7 laminate cleaning mops to conquer the job easily.

PS: Underneath I’m adding a quick features’ comparison table of all best dust laminate floor mops; but I highly recommend to don’t quite reading so that you can know all the nitty-gritty of best cleaners.

18” Professional microfiber mop

✅ Easy to use and lightweight✅ The microfiber pads are reusable
✅ Sturdy mop for both dry and wet purposes

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Turbo microfiber dust mop

✅ x3 lightweight bucket less kit
✅ Fast cleaning with 18” pivoting head
✅ Extra thick heavy-duty pads

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HOMTOYOU Microfiber Hardwood Floor Mop

✅ Cash friendly dust mop for laminate floor
✅ Can suit any surface
✅ Comes with a pack of 4 reusable pads

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Sladust Big Wooly dust mop

✅ Old-fashioned dust mop
✅ Made up of natural lanolin
✅ Swivel head that can extend up to 59″

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JINCLEAN 24″ Industrial Cotton Mop

✅ Pure cotton 
✅ Colorful head Big mop head
✅ Swivel 180 degrees

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O-Cedar Dual-Action Microfiber Sweeper

✅ Microfiber along with chenille kick off the allergen, dust, and pet hairs
✅ Mop head is made of high-quality fiber and is machine washable
✅ Swivel head and telescopic handle 

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Nine Forty cotton dust mop

✅ 24” of best-performing cotton head
✅ Also, the best alternative to broom
✅ 360° rotation, and rust-free aluminum structure

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Why not Vacuum or Broom?

Best Dust Mop For Laminate Floors – 7 Picks For 2022

A dust mop is a superior option for laminate floors because it can get under the furniture and tight spaces and capture dirt, particles, and debris that traditional brooms or vacuums cannot. 

Broom use is typically not recommended as they do more harm than good because of harsh bristles that can scratch laminate flooring. Similarly!, a vacuum on the laminate surface can be detrimental because it can scratch the surface due to abrasive tool attachment (like a roller brush).

That’s why my only alternate purchase to broom or vacuum is any best dust mop for laminate floors. It is an affordable, multipurpose, eco-friendly, smooth, and sturdy option that can be used on floors without damaging the surface at all

In a nutshell, a dust mop is the safest and most sustainable way that lasts for many months and years.

1- 18″ Professional Microfiber Mop

 Easy to use and lightweight

 The microfiber pads are reusable

 Sturdy mop for both dry and wet purposes

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As the name suggests, 18’’ professional microfiber mop diligently dust clean the laminate surface.

It can professionally work on any hard floor for dry and wet mopping purposes. This bucket-less kit is the one-stop solution for many customers’ cleaning and flooring problems.

The sustainable microfiber pads are high-quality to perform heavy-duty jobs (dry and wet mopping). Furthermore, these pads can be washed many times.

MOJAVE dusting pad in the mop can trap dust, debris, and even large pet hairs from your floor, consisting of two specific microfibers. The blue loop picks up hairs and large debris while grey traps particles and dust.

The handle is stainless steel, so it won’t get rusted due to water while extending from 42″ – 72″. You will also find comfort in its grip, as well as a loop on the end for easy storage. 

The mop head is a 360-degree swivel and has velcros strips recessed in the frame so the head won’t peel off after a few days.


Buyers appreciated the quality, and microfiber pad performance, and reported that the ease of use of this 18” professional bucket-less mop is enormous. However, a few marginal factors should also be considered here. 

Firstly, unlike other products which offer flip-over scrubbers, this mop doesn’t. Secondly, you can’t use it for small spaces due to the extra-large (18 inches) head.

Long story short, it’s my top recommendation for a decent and budget-friendly solution.

2- Turbo microfiber dust mop

 x3 lightweight bucket less kit

 Fast cleaning with 18” pivoting head

 Extra thick heavy-duty pads consist of 10,000+ fiber loops to grip anything on the floor

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The second best dust mop for laminate floors on my list is Turbo microfiber, which can get off the dust, debris, and pet hairs from laminate, hardwood, marble, linoleum, porcelain, and cement floor. 

This mop is the ultimate solution that harmoniously outperforms multiple jobs (from dry and wet floor mopping, dusting walls, and even waxing on automobiles).

As laminate can’t resist liquid, the microfiber pad in this mop can absorb liquid apart from trapping the dust and pet hairs. These pads come up with a scrub to fight against all kinds of messes on your floor and can be washed up to 100 times easily. 

The mop frame is made of aluminum alloy, which makes it long-lasting. The aluminum mop head has two volcanos to attach mopping pads. The 360 swivel head is 17 inches long, giving fast and efficient floor cleaning two times.

Furthermore, you will have an adjustable telescoping handle that can extend from 35 to 60 inches for your comfort.


Is Turbo microfiber better than swiffer?


Turbo microfiber mop is a top-performing product that’s way better than swiffer at such an affordable price tag.

Same as 18” professional mop, you can use it for both dry and wet purposes and can use it on any flooring. As a popular product, replacement parts are also easily available at an affordable cost.

Though the product is x3 lightweight, a few buyers complained about the cheap quality handle.

3- HOMTOYOU Microfiber Hardwood Floor Mop

 Cash friendly dust mop for laminate floor

 Can suit any surface

 It comes with a pack of 4 reusable pads to save your cost and environment.

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If you’re cash-crunched and still hoping to have the right one in your home, then this HOMTOYOU microfiber hardwood floor mop is for you. The cheap price of Homtoyou dust mop doesn’t mean that the product works unprofessionally or is of cheap material.

Instead, the performance is flabbergasting, which won’t get you down the drain.

The handle is made from anti-rust stainless steel that can extend up to 150 cm according to the needs. The mop is durable yet effective and comfortable.

It can swivel 360 degrees, letting it reach corners and mop thoroughly without bending over your back. The mop head is 3 cm thin and 38 cm wide, which makes the mop durable, lightweight, and more efficient in cleaning.

The head has clips to hold the big-size microfiber mopping pads. These microfiber pads can pick up dirt and pet hairs very well from any hard floor (wood, tile, laminate, concrete, marble).

The HOMTOYOU mop has 4 reusable thick pads with a strong water absorption feature. Apart from this, it also dries on time and consequently can be used as a wet and dry mop for your laminate floor.


HOMTOYOU floor mop is ideal in terms of both quality and budget. The structure is sturdy and standard with quality pads. Easy to use, lightweight and adjustable that you can use it for various purposes and on several surfaces. The manufacturers cared about every little & nifty feature to make it a premium and budget-friendly dust mop.

P.S: It might be inefficient to clean small areas (because of a wider head).

4- Sladust Big Wooly dust mop with wood handle

 Old-fashioned, best dust mop for laminate floors

 Colorful head made up of natural lanolin

 Swivel head that can extend up to 59″

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Wanna try a bit traditional?

This old-fashioned dust mop is hand-made by the slack family that gives an astounding look with its colorful head. This dust mop contains natural lanolin, which is efficient in kicking out dust, pet hairs, and debris with ease.

The head can swivel to clean tough surfaces and is easy to attach and remove from the handle with the help of velcro. This lightweight handle is extendable to 59” with a hanging hole for easy storage and high-quality material.

This Sladust big wooly is my only favorite cotton dust mop for laminate. The product is eco-friendly and only contains natural products that are affordable and also durable.


If you’re eco-conscious and have some old-fashioned vibes, Sladust big wooly dust mop should be your topmost priority.

But make sure that its head is not machine washable like microfiber (But, you can easily hand wash in cold water and air dry the mop head).

Secondly, I’ve heard a few complaints about handle quality, but it’s pretty decent for dust cleaning purposes. Use it properly to own it for a long; you can also try a wood handle which isn’t a telescopic but a sturdy alternative to an extendable handle. 

5- JINCLEAN 24″ Industrial Cotton Floor Dust Mop

 Pure cotton that dust clean perfectly

 Colorful head Big mop head to clean up a wide area quickly

 Swivel 180 degrees to clean under the furniture and tight spaces with ease

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Jinclean 24” is another best dust mop for laminate floors on the list. This dust mop is made of cotton yarn with a sturdy structure for longevity. A big cotton mop head can harmoniously clean up a wide area on the first attempt.

Apart from laminate cleaning, it can clean other surfaces, including vinyl, epoxy, bamboo, marble, hardwood, and tile.

It comes with a telescopic handle that expands from 31 to 59 inches. Adjusting the handle height between 31 to 59 will keep you safe from back pain. 

The 24 inches mop head can be easily removed and attached, and it’s made of thick ⅕” steel wire, which gives the mop head powerful support to outperform heavy-duty jobs.

Although the head isn’t 360 swivel, 180-degree rotation helps in reaching dead corners and tight spaces.

Unlike other manufacturers, Jinclean has used high-quality cotton yarn that can be washed multiple times, making it more sustainable than other competitors. 


A dust mop with dozens of marginal perks in this price range is worth noting.

I especially love the clip attachment that you can easily attach and take off the pad any time to wash it. Although the manufacturer says it’s machine washable, I recommend hand washing the pads as it’s made of cotton yarn.

I heard one complaint that handle doesn’t seem to lock in place. A buyer said that he has to retighten, and it loosens after a few moments.

Overall, it impressed me with the sturdiness and ease of use.

6- O-Cedar Dual-Action Microfiber Sweeper Dust Mop

 Microfiber along with chenille kick off the allergen, dust, and pet hairs from the floor

 The mop head is made of high-quality fiber and is machine washable

 Swivel head and telescopic handle allow smooth and efficient cleaning

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O-Cedar dual action mop can make your dusty laminate shine.

It is lightweight so that anyone who has back problems or has lazy feelings for mopping can outperform the job professionally.

The mop head is made of two materials. 

  1. Microfiber to sweep your baseboards and floors in a single attempt and, 
  2. Ultra-dense chenille for the perfect cleaning under the furniture and tight corners. 

In addition, you can use this mop head hundreds of times – Because they are machine washable.

It is one of the most favorable laminate floor cleaning mops by professionals (especially, for pet owners). Due to the good microfiber, it can clean any pet hair from your floor easily. 

The o-cedar handle pole is made of plastic that’s not extendable and is 50 inches in length. However, the flexible black slang holder makes the task easier for mopping and wall dusting.


Buyers are happy with the durability and working of the mop head; however, they aren’t satisfied with the non-telescopic cheap plastic handle.

I believe, using wood handles instead of cheap plastic would be much better; Anyways!, it’s a decent and best microfiber dust mop for laminate flooring.

7- Nine Forty cotton dust mop

 24” of best-performing cotton head to clean the wide-area with ease

 The best alternative to broom for your all floors, including laminate

 Adjustable handle, 360° rotation, and rust-free aluminum structure

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The last nugget in our list (I mean last dust mop) is “Nine Forty cotton mop” whose head is hand-sewn in the USA with natural and durable material that lasts long and works well. Plus, doesn’t require as big a commitment in terms of cost.

Thanks to 24 inches of mop head, it is best for residential and commercial floor cleaning. Due to the soft cotton, there is no chance of scratches on the surface, and you can even use it on other floors. 

Besides the enormous cleaning performance, the mop head comes up with a steel structure, and an extendable aluminum handle to best fit your height.

While most manufacturers offer 180-degree rotation, Nine forty cotton dust mop features 360-degree mop head rotation, providing maneuverability in hard-to-reach areas.


The extra-large cotton head makes Nine forty the best for big areas like offices, halls, or big rooms. I would highly recommend it if you’re looking for big cotton pads.

P.S: Some folks reported that the cotton head is prone to getting worse after the first machine wash 一 but as it’s a cotton yarn (not microfiber), I would definitely recommend hand wash and air drying.

What factors to consider when buying the best dust mop for laminate floors?

The ultimate dust mop for your laminate floor would have certain features that combined would deliver the desired results all the time. So with that in mind, underneath, I’ve mentioned a few important factors that’ll surely help you.

Basic features

These are some meager yet magical factors that most folks won’t consider.

The material used in the mop should be stainless and rust-free (i.e., aluminum, steel, plastic, or wood). I prefer a telescopic handle to adjust its height within your convenience. Make sure that your next laminate dust mop is lightweight and at least can swivel 180 degrees.

Mop Head

When it comes to dust cleaning your laminate surface, it is essential to have a correct one that can efficiently kick away dust, pet hairs, and allergens. For that purpose, I concluded that Microfiber and cotton are the best.

buying guide for laminate dust mops

I love microfiber because of the reusability of pads and efficiency. On the contrary, cotton is also great for absorbency, cleanability, and softness but is less durable than microfiber.

Size of cleaning pads

The size of cleaning pads should also be considered because you don’t want a mop that can’t reach corners or some minor places. Similarly, if you will clean big rooms with a small pad, then this will only get you down the drain.

Generally speaking, 18″ pads are best.


You should consider the cost of dust mops because they are not always cheap and affordable. Keep in mind that some brands don’t offer quality products but have high prices, so you need to be wise before buying one regardless of how expensive a certain brand is. 

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