Best Dust Mop For Laminate Floors – 7 Picks For 2022

Indeed, laminate is the most durable, easy, and cost-effective flooring option that won’t let you down in the weeds with dullness and damage. But same as other floors, laminates require regular maintenance to protect them from dust and debris, which build up a layer on the surface with the passage of time, thus making your […]

Best Homemade Cleaner For Laminate Floors: DIY Recipes

Laminate owners tend to spend lots of time and money finding the best floor cleaners. But sadly, the majority of them end up purchasing an abrasive one that ruins the surface and leaves a sticky residue, attracting more dust and debris. But even if you’ve found the no-rinse laminate formula that’s helping you to fight […]

What Is The Best Streak Free Laminate Floor Cleaner?

Laminate is one of the best go-to design options for flooring these days, as it’s easy to maintain with little commitment in terms of cost. Easy to install, durable, and captivating, with its cost-effectiveness, also shows high resistance against dents and marks. But despite these astounding facts, it lacks the one quality; it is not […]

How To Clean Laminate Floors Without Leaving Streaks?

Laminate floors are a great way to add style and flair to any room. But with that, they come with their own set of challenges when it comes to cleaning them. Although laminate flooring is easy to install, costs less, and is durable. Even though there is no rocket science for cleaning, but! on the other side, it’s […]

7 Best Microfiber Mops For Laminate Floors (Tested & tried)

Because laminate floors are a great way to get the look and feel of natural wood (without much care), it’s easy to leave your flooring in messes, but that’s not the case. Like other floors, laminate does require general cleaning, and often mopping and cleaning the dirt, debris, and pet hairs can be a hassle […]

How to remove buildup on laminate floors 

Laminates are the floors with multiple layers (a layer placed upon another), primarily examined in houses and office spaces to beautify the place. But when laminate gets buildup, they start looking unpleasant to the eyes.   Build-up is defined as accumulating a specific thing over the laminated floors. It is provoking to the human eye and is […]